Creating An Achievable Weight Loss Goal For The New Year

Let’s be honest — we are all ready for 2020 to be over. While the new year may not solve all of the issues we are currently facing, we have hope. What better way to start looking forward to 2021 than to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. No matter what you hope to change, accomplish, or goals you hope to reach during the new year, just remember to give yourself some grace. You never know what the year will bring.

If one of your goals is to lose that quarantine weight (trust us, most people gained weight this year), we can help. At A New U Cosmetic & Weight Loss Center in Ormond Beach, we offer a weight loss program that can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Our program is designed to actually help you lose weight, keep it off, and live an overall healthier life. Our weight loss program is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, teaches you about nutrition, provides you with fitness plans, and makes it more manageable to reach your goals. Unlike fad diets, we will help you create a healthier lifestyle, which will allow you to lose weight and feel great.

Along with our weight loss program, we wanted to give you some tips for setting achievable weight loss goals. Read on to learn more and contact A New U to learn more.


Most people have heard of SMART goals. This is a strategy for setting goals that are more achievable and realistic. When setting your weight loss goals, be sure to keep the criteria for a SMART goal in mind.

  • Specific: Your goal should be as specific as possible. A good example of this is saying that you will walk for 30 minutes at lunch every day rather than simply saying you will work out more. When you are specific, it makes your goals easier to stick to.
  • Measurable: Making measurable goals can make it easier to recognize whether or not you are sticking to your goal. Whether your measurement is calories, miles, minutes, or days, making your goal measurable can help!
  • Attainable: While it may seem obvious to make your goals attainable, many people set goals that they simply can’t achieve, whether it’s because they don’t have enough time or the resources. If you make your goal to spend an hour working out every day, but don’t have an extra hour every day, you will never achieve your goal. Think about your schedule and resources when setting your weight loss goal.
  • Relevant: Set goals that you want to achieve for yourself, not goals that others want you to achieve. Make them relevant to your life and what you want to obtain. If you don’t really care about losing weight but you want to live a healthier life, make sure your goal focuses on that.
  • Time-bound: Setting a deadline for when you want to achieve your goal can help you stay focused and motivated. If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, pick a reasonable date to achieve it by.

Setting SMART goals can help make your weight loss goal more achievable and allow you to stay on track and know exactly what you are working towards.


Practicing new habits is the best way to create a healthier lifestyle and continue to keep your weight at a good place. Fad diets and month-long workout plans can help you lose weight or eat healthier for a short period of time, but they do not create life-long changes. If you are looking to create an overall healthier lifestyle for yourself, try to focus on creating better habits. These habits can look more like long-term goals rather than short-term goals. Think about what goals you want to achieve and create a plan to create habits out of those long-term goals. It can take a while to form a new habit, so it is important that you stay on track and keep working toward your long-term goal.


It is important to remember that you are a human and you will face setbacks as you work toward your goal. Setbacks are natural and something you should expect to run into from time to time as you work toward creating a healthier lifestyle and focusing on those long-term goals. If you are too hard on yourself, it can make achieving your goals miserable and feel impossible. Instead of punishing yourself for setbacks, grow from them. You can even make a plan for how to deal with these setbacks as they come.


Just because you set a goal doesn’t mean you can’t change it! If you have set a goal but are having trouble achieving it, be okay with reassessing and adjusting your goals so that they are easier to achieve. If you set a goal to run two miles a day, but realize that your body can’t handle that, adjust your goal to running two miles three days a week and walking the other days. There is nothing wrong with adjusting your goals to better fit your lifestyle. Adjusting your goals can even help you stick with them since you make them more achievable for you!


Oftentimes, working on your own health and wellness goals can be a challenge. Whether you don’t have experience making healthy foods or you aren’t really sure how to create a workout plan, our program can help. Our weight loss program is safe and effective, creating a plan for you that can help you achieve your goals. Our program is designed to help control hunger, boost fat burning, and help you learn how to eat healthy and enjoy it! We create a weight loss program specifically for you, your goals, and your needs. With our program, you can develop the skills and knowledge to reach those long-term goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As you start to make your New Year’s resolutions, be sure to check out our weight loss program from A New U in Ormond Beach. We can help you learn how to achieve your goals, manage your weight, and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to get started!