Tips For Weight Management

Weight loss is a tricky thing. Certain methods of weight loss may work amazingly for some people and not at all for others. It is something that you have to work hard to achieve and needs to be a consistent thing in your life. Unfortunately, losing weight is not achieved through eating a single healthy meal or completing a single workout, which is why so many people struggle to keep weight off when they do finally lose it. Once people reach their goal weight, or close to it, they go back to their normal ways, eating whatever and exercising rarely.

At A New U Cosmetic and Weight Loss Center in Ormond Beach, we offer a weight loss program that can help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off. We don’t just help you lose weight, but we teach you how to manage your weight so that you can maintain your target weight month after month. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips for managing your weight, making it easier for you to keep the extra pounds off. Read on to learn more and check out our weight loss program!


Staying active is one of the best ways to keep weight off. According to the Cleveland Clinic, people with high activity levels were more likely to maintain their weight loss than those who were not as active.

If possible, try to mix a combination of different activities into your routine, from walks and bike rides to weight lifting and yoga. The variety of activities can help you stay motivated and not get bored with your workout routine. Even going on a walk for an hour after work is a great way to stay active throughout the week. A great way to stay active is to make it more enjoyable for you. Listen to your favorite podcast while you walk or have a friend join you and make this a time to catch up!


Eating healthy is the other major part of keeping weight off. In fact, if you were to choose between either staying active and eating healthy, eating healthy is more important in weight management than exercise, but they both are necessities for living a healthy life.

When it comes to eating healthy, it is important that you avoid diets. Diets are generally not sustainable and while they can help you lose weight, they are not a great option for keeping weight off. Instead, changing your lifestyle and making healthy eating choices can help you keep weight off.

Try to include veggies, fruits, protein, and whole foods into your diet as much as possible. Avoid processed foods if you can. And keep in mind that 100 calories of cake is very different from 100 calories of protein. This is why calorie counting is not always beneficial. Instead, focus on eating a healthy diet that becomes a habit rather than try a fad diet or counting calories but making unhealthy choices.


Drinking water is a wonderful habit to develop. Drinking plenty of water can not only keep your skin looking younger and help you feel more energized, but it can also help with your weight management!

According to Healthline, drinking water can boost your metabolism by 24 to 30% over a period of one to 1.5 hours. A study showed that drinking 17 ounces of water about half an hour before meals helped people eat fewer calories and lose about 44% more weight, compared to those who didn’t drink water before meals. Drinking more water, and drinking water before meals, is a simple and effective way to help you maintain your weight!


Speaking of drinking water, it is also important to keep in mind other things that you drink. Many people focus on food when they consider the calories that they consume, but drinks can be just as full of calories and sugar, which negatively impacts your weight loss. If you drink fruit juice, soda, or other sugary drinks on a regular basis, this could be a great place to cut back on calories.

Swap out these sugary drinks for water, unsweetened tea, or other healthier drink options. Swapping for healthier drinks can be a great way to reduce your caloric intake and make it much easier for you to manage your weight.


Sleep is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, from helping you feel more energized to providing mental clarity. Sleep is also beneficial when it comes to managing your weight. Poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. Poor sleep is linked to a 55% increased risk of obesity in adults and 89% increased risk in children.

Getting quality sleep and enough sleep can help you feel better and help you keep off weight. Making sure you sleep well each night is another simple way to help yourself and benefit in a number of ways.


Snacking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is important that you are mindful about what you are snacking on. If you snack throughout the day, a great way to help maintain your weight is by swapping out unhealthy snacks, like chips, cookies, crackers, and other processed foods, for healthier foods, like fruit, veggies, and nuts. Trading a bag of chips for an apple with peanut butter will not only make you feel better but make maintaining your weight easier.

Snacking is not something you need to avoid when you are trying to lose weight or manage your weight, but it is something that you should be more mindful about. Swapping unhealthy options for healthy options and only eating when you are actually hungry can be real game-changers. An easy way to ensure that you only eat healthy snacks is to stop buying the unhealthy stuff. Stock your home with fresh fruit, veggies, mixed nuts, and other healthy snacks that are easy to grab when you need one.


While most people love food, eating should be a more mindful activity. While you may find yourself eating when you are bored, socializing, waiting for your dinner to finish cooking, or just because you are used to eating a bag of chips while watching TV at night, it is time to start eating differently. Become a mindful eater. To do this, focus on the why, how, when, where, and what when you eat. Think of food as something that nourishes your body rather than something to do because you are bored.

People who practice mindful eating try to eat slower and savor their food. Taking your time, savoring the flavor, and enjoying your meal for at least 20 minutes gives you body time to register if you are satisfied. It is important to remember that the goal is not to eat until you are full but to stop eating when you are satisfied. When you start being a mindful eater, you can more easily manage your weight.


How often have you been driving home after a long day of work, wondering what you will eat for dinner, only to find yourself swinging through a fast-food drive-thru out of convenience? If you find yourself picking up fast food, ordering take-out, or throwing a frozen pizza in the oven more than once every few weeks, it is time to start planning meals.

Before you go grocery shopping, plan a few meals that you will make for dinner and that you can have for leftovers if you don’t want to cook every night. Plan healthy meals with veggies and protein. When you plan your meals out in advance, you can make more health-conscious decisions rather than just eating whatever is convenient. If you don’t like to cook that often, try meal prepping. This allows you to have healthy leftovers for lunch and dinner already prepped and ready to go!

There are many things you can do to make managing your weight easier. While it may take work, it is worth it. You have worked hard to reach your weight loss goals, continue working hard to keep that weight off!

If you need assistance with your weight loss goals, be sure to learn more about our weight loss program and contact A New U Cosmetic and Weight Loss Center in Ormond Beach.